Waller Resources, Inc.
Waller Family Enterprises, LLC
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Edmond, OK  73038
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Waller Resources, Inc. was formed in 1982 as Ramsey Property Management when well operations and property management of Ramsey Engineering was spun off into a separate company.  Since that time Ramsey Property Management has been a leader in engineering services, property management and drilling services in the state of Oklahoma.  In 2002 Ramsey Property Management sold its operations and engineering and was renamed Waller Resources, Inc.  Today, Waller Resources utilizes Robert L. Waller’s 50 plus years of Professional Petroleum Engineering expertise to invest in 3-D seismic prospects from inception to completion of a well as well as traditionally created prospects.  Waller Resources also increases reserves through purchasing existing production through auctions, private sales and unsolicited offers. 


Prospects for sale may be brought by our offices for a full geological and reservoir analysis to determine our interest level.